This web site is dedicated to those who understand that to be creative, one most test the boundaries of limitation.  This page was  created in order to unite our thinkers, poets, and great storytellers of the internet world.
This is an interactive page,  Feel free to post messages/poems on the message board. Feel free to talk in the chat room.  If you have any questoins or comments, you can email, or IM me. If you are looking for my Otoko Realm IG, you are definitely in the wrong place.  I suggest that you redirect yourself here.  Otoko Realm IG has nothing but TransFans information and image gallerys on my favorite animé.  This page is the original  Otoko Realm. It has my published poetry, short stories, essays, and personal thoughts.   
 Whatever page that you choose, I hope that you enjoy them and maybe get something out of your experience.  As with any professional, my work is copyrighted.  You may take whatever you like, but I suggest that you do not distribute it as you own.  The work on this web site has already been published and, of course, only I have the originals.
  If you need to contact me because of broken links or problems loading up any of the pages, please e-mail me at  If you would like to see more things on either of Otoko Realm pages, please e-mail me at  Either e-mail address that you use is fine.  StarDuskMoon is also my screen name for AOL.  Or you can use MoonDove00.  For Yahoo Instant Messenger, my screen name is DuskStarMoon.  Thank you.  May your journey be bountiful.