Dark Imagination
      For generations, the human race has been facinated with the unknown.  Masterpieces of the imagination are conceived everyday.  aThe time that we live in now can not evn begin to satiate our appitie for exceptional beauty, dark mystery, and the unknown.  The most common resurection of our inner demon is the vampire.  Some of us are facinated, while other are repeeled by our imaginations hunger for unearthly carnage.  Vampires need blood, the essenvce of mortality, because it adds to the artificial life that sustains them.  They prefer human blood to animal blood because it is enriched with the desires of the living.   When feeding from a victum, blood is takedn from the vein of life, otherwise known as the jugular vein,.  The neck is pierced where the pulse is the strongest.  It is also the highway that carrys the rush of life from the heart to the brain.  Death and the burial rites of passage are the smbols of the fnal release ofhumanity and the rebirth of an immortal being.