Autumn Night
Crystal Hubbard

      The touch of glass against skin felt almost like a smooth, cool stone.  Gently nudging it open, I stepped from one world into another.  The silver dewdrops ornamenting the grass blades immediately shrouded my bare feet.  The sky was absent of any cloud signs.  Trillions of stars echoed their neighbors glowing essence.  Some stars appeared to pulse with a hazy, blue gold luminance while others were almost rosy.  It was a breezy autumn evening.  Crickets were chirping their melodic ballads.  Every one in  a awhile, a male would jump in midair to waltz with a newfound mate.  Far off, I could hear the tinkle of wind chime twirling in the evening breeze.
       The leaves that covered the ground like a multicolored blanket shifted every which way with the slightest disturbance.  A burst of air would unsettle a canopy of leaves into the deep sky, only to drift downward again like an army of whispering feathers.  The moon was smiling his rays of soft elegant light upon the ground.  Each beam was a spotlight that highlighted everything in the backyard.  It was starting to look and sound like a miniature metropolis.
         The night air held a crispness to it that was slightly masked by the fragrance of late flower blossoms.  They were the same flower blossoms that were trying so hard not to yield the price of death to the demanding cold of winter.  The giant oak tree sighed as the wind swept through the knarled, ancient, passages.  A plane passed overhead, unsettling the birds roosting on the power lines.  Their caws were filled with annoyance as each of them settled back down again.  I crossed the grassy threshold  to stand underneath the cherry tree.  I lifted myself onto my toes and strained to reach the cluster of cherries nearest to me.  After awhile, I gave up and headed towards the backdoor.  There was a soft cushioned thud.  I turned my head around and saw the cherries that I had been reaching for on the ground.  I glanced at the tree and at the cherries lying on the ground.  Smiling I picked them up and went back inside of the house.