Birthright:  I am a child of the omega, the daughter of the red wolf, a manisfestation of the rose, and the offspring of the black dragon.

Name: Hoshi Yugure Tsuki (StarDuskMoon).

Occupation:  Webmaster, Poet, Author, Artist, Archivist, Friend etc.

Koibito: Karasu Ketsueki (RavenBlood).

Hobbies:  Yoga, writing poetry, writing short stories, meeting new people, making my self a better person,                                  working on my upcoming novel, hanging out with friends, hiking, shopping, going to the movies, spending money etc.

Status: My heart will eternally be linked with Ketsueki. But now that he's gone, I am single.

Age:  I was born in Jukyu Hachiju Futatsu (1982) on Juichigatsu Niju Yonbanme (Thanksgiving).

Favorite Food:  Ringo Pai (Apple Pie)

Favorite Drink: Shizens Mizugusuri (Natures Potion) Ryokucha (Tea).

If I Had One Wish: I would finnaly be seperated from this physical plane and reunited with my spirtual self.

Favorite Music: I listen to anything that I think is good.  I like classical music, heavy metal, rap, jazz etc. The only thing that I am not really partial to is country.

Favorite Place:  Watashi no Jibun (My inner self).

Favorite Game: Antara.

Favortie Movie: Transformers: The Movie.

Favorite Cartoon Series:  X-Men.

Favorite Animé Series:  DrangonBall Saga

Favorite Animé Movies:  Fatal Fury.

Favorite Book:  The Talisman/Steven King.

Favorite Shows: Whos Line is it Anyway and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.