Cascades by C.M. Hubbard

Dog Days of Summer

Specs of light
Are thrown onto the concrete
They bounce back
Intensifying in heat
So hot
My bare feet scream
I asked myself
Did I amble across the street?
For days and days on end
My feet weren't saved
Limping and hoping
Wishing the heat would tame
As the sun went down
Into its autumn night
I recall what happened
To my poor foots plight
So now I lay
My head upon my paws
To clean my jaw and saw
A thought
As I licked my leg
I tried to understand
Why do humans stay inside all day?
Only coming out to play
Animals like us
Are inferior to them
Doing their every whim
Doing what they want all the time
Knowing that domestic slavery is a crime
Never mind
I say to myself
No one ever helps

Crying Soul

This loneliness
I feel
Is thicker than steel
All love from me is peeled
In layers
Like an onion
I feel
Teary eyes and smeared
Love is what I want
Something which I can't get enough
It hurts to cry
Instead I sigh
This pain is only mine
I wait for death to end my dying
Why is my life's pleasure hiding
From me
I don't belong on this hateful world
Where both evil and pleasure swirl
I feel dead inside
Retreating in the crevices of my mind
I have no motivation to live anymore
Too much pain is being absorbed
It radiates as an angry storm
My dagger
I've already signed
My death certificate
From my mortal life

Way of Life

Dark shadows lay beyond
You can't see light without its bond
Light is sent from Heavens gates
Where HE will decide your fate
As darkness is sent from Hells spawn
Light and Darkness will go on

Even Though

Even though we don't talk a lot
Forever, you will hold a certain spot
In my heart you love will stay
Helping me through the worst of days

Our friendship has blossomed into a never-ending love
Where, do you ask, does this love come from?
I don't know where this began
Maybe it was the day you first held my hand

I'm not sure this is even right
Imagining your face every night
My friends say you're not right for me
But I know something that they can't see

I can barely wait for you to call
When our eyes meet, my world seems to stall
My heart aches for you to fill this void
So my loneliness and sadness can forever be destroyed

I enjoy the way I walk on air
On this earthly plain, I no longer have to care
I'm satiated when you are around
Because of you, my life is sound

Can you understand what I'm trying to say?
My love is not hear only for a day
I don't know, I am still trying to understand
This love will work for sure. I know it can

Lingering Taint

The love that lingers like an aftermath
Is distasteful by its own

It's deeply profound and deeply sad
Than anything I have ever known

We can not be seen together
But I will always want you so
What blossoms between us can't be stopped by weather
Because others have hearts of snow

They see only the color of cold and dark
While I see the stars of the deepening moon
They throw a fit if we are together in the park
Rather I'd rather be free anew

Its unjust the way people are
Like you and me are enemies
Our hatred for each other is supposedly goes so far
They only end up seeing that which they want to see

My heart aches to forever be with he
Only my futures can my love hold
Bleakness seems to grow with my every plea
A happy future now seems to unfold

No Answers

What do you do when you're tired and alone?
How do you feel when your heart revokes your home?
What do you say at the end of the day?
When you look at your family in dismay?
Why does it happen to people that you no longer love?
Not knowing what you did or whom it was from
To many questions and not enough answers
Yet society still leads us to believe that life is absurd


Natures haven
This land of ours
Just to think that it might not have been
Should add to our countless sorrows

To feel the southern wind
Whipping through our hair
The very air in which we depend
Leading us to despair

Our rolling plains
Is what life is named for?
The mountains and hills unclaimed
The center of our core

There is no other place quite like ours
That for which is unique in ourselves
We are one sun to the other stars
And in destruction is where we'll always dwell


Today is for people to state their love
This day is nothing to people who have none
Only for those whose heart is the sun of gold
Being unusually crafty and unusually bold
Chocolate covered hearts and silver rimmed kisses
Cupids' arrows ballistic in their intense near misses

To this day were unsure in our own shy advances
Asking each other out on first dates and dances
Colors of red and white with predictions of love
Cards exerting happiness with joy and fun
Little ones rule this day for fun and games
Dishing out sweets and kisses, and giving the same

Parents reserve the night for love
Asking the kids to get out not come
Romance establishing its yearly whim
Enhanced emotions one times ten
Disgusted with the ways of lonely mystery
But delightful with the ways of loves profound misery

Money spent on diamonds and pearls
Blossoming adulthood starting to unfurl
Maturity seemingly to enlighten its peak
Our voices echoing wisdom which we speak
Tomorrow nothing of now will ever be the same
That's why today of all days St. Valentines is named

Heat Wave

It was four o' clock in the afternoon
With a hundred degrees of sweat
People were just wandering around
Asking what to do next
The day was hot and hazy
With heat rising from the streets
It was so hot and vague
No one dared to speak
Then a miracle happened
A welcoming gust of air
People came out of their houses
To get a feel through their hair
A darkening sinister blur
Was drifting from the south
Everyone looked in wonder
Looking slightly renowned
A rumbling seemed to erupt
From the very ground
Cackles of thunder bellowed
Silencing the town
Next came the gentlest
The greatest of all things
Cool raindrops falling
Making all the heat flee
At first it came in puddles
Then in came in floods
The hot and sandy dirt
Was transformed in mud
Whole streets were drowned
Gutters past overflow
People stared and wondered
Where will the water go?
As instantly as it came
The rain stopped and ceased
Then all the people came out
And played happily in the streets

The Unknown

The dark has dawned
In the middle of the day
Our bloodshed runs forever innate
Death be told by God below
Unknown to man
Lifespan not understood
Questions asked of Heavens good
Never knowing what they do
Festering sins
Simmering in a stew
Turning endless blue
No ones troubles known to you
Death be soon
Coming Impending doom


Gorged spiders building webs
In our hearts
Multiplying even more by her rancid breath
Doing unto me
As her womb bearer before her
A curse we are
Never shall I be our weakness
These endless moments dragging me closer
To salvation
Restraints broken
In his haste to free me
Thank you to those who cared
I deserved not
The fruit of my joys shall be yours
This place is different
Now until the days of Romeo and Juliet
First born
We are corrupted
Snarling in distaste at our once animal forms
Spiders entrapping the butterfly
That which life is
I wait no longer

I Miss You

I miss you
Through and through
My love for you
Blooms in dreams
For what it seems
Stop for me
I cross them
When I see you
On the other side
My dear
And only mine
I illegally cross them
The sands of time
For this
`Tis a crime
These things that you do
Makes nothing seem
All to soon
My dear
And only you
I sit through clouds of lonely nights
Frequent thoughts filled with ice
That you are no longer mine
I regretfully sigh
And give up `till dawn
Once again
My heart rapidly spawns
Love for my dear and only one

Souls Release

The hunt
The scent of prey
Flying overhead
I am
On Hells errand
Murderous glee in lifeless eyes
Sharpened senses at their peak
Luring me to the answers which I seek
Things distant from the mortal world
Silently drifting downward
Eager for my long awaited prize
Alas they stand
Convened by darkness
Clearly I see them
Think they not that I do
I do
Smell the danger
And the rapture
Contained in wood aged by the hands of the faithful
Smoothed and shaped by Gods caress
Not daring to go near
The young one
Sensing me
Her life vessels urging me onward
Coming forward
Holding the crest of the living
Ultimatum to me
The dead
I hissed in agitation
Triumph glowing in her very core
Wrongly enthused
She didn't see
Vaporized before her very eyes
Holding her terror fast
Bitter pulsating victory obtained
Terror burning
Delivered towards Hells loving claws
Tis I but evil
Where in sin have I sought only the
Torn apart by Heavens winds forever
Causing human emotions no longer
Doomed to the wrath of the red furnace
Pits of madness and despair
Easing into prickly murder
No more chains binding me on this plane known to me
No more life
This abortion of mortality
I curse and spit upon the supposed innocence
The rarity of silver blood
The wicked souls of humans
Living under the eyes of God
Chuckling softly
God? The all powerful
Loving and filled with mercy
Why do I roam the streets at of night?
Why are these murdered children
Wives killing husbands
The evil that I now harbor
Erupts from thousands of corrupted lives
Did I choose this unlikely fate
Rising at sundown
Am I happy in this unnatural life
I without ambition
I spend the rest roasting in the Pits of the Damned
Repent to the God who gives you breath
Life on this plane
I dream from a brainless shell
To quite my seeking thoughts
If their really is a lord
Of mind spirit and body
I ask forgiveness from this ungodly form
Reinstate my humanity
Have I naught suffered enough
I never meant to deceive myself
In the eyes of mankind
My soul aches for release
Hold me no longer to this earth
For my soul, I still embrace
The light


If you do everything a day at a time
Everything will work out fine
If you do everything in haste
All of it will blow up in your face

Mocha Java

Dark sugar with cream
Top it off sweet thoughts
Caught floating on top
Sweet bunny chocolate
Stirring in with a spoon
And a little piece of mint


Evil dark vampyre
With teeth burning white
Roaming the souls living
Each day and night
What guides you to be so evil
Was it will?
Or was it might?

In what deep crevices
Does your evil heart lie?
Is it in Hell?
Or does God keep it in the sky?
On what earthly whim
Do you aspire?
Is it the cause of an
Unearthly fire?

What clawed hoof
Or freakish golden eye
Gave the will for you
To become the single master
of the horror night
Does your coiled heart
lie at rest
Moldering inside of your undying breast?

What hatred
What pain
Does your poor lost soul make
What hell did they sever
From amidst your evil hate

Dying by the lights healing rays
Stopping the last of evils reign
Not bound to its unearthly whim
Banishing it to flicker and dim
Doing only what HE wishes
For nothing
Deathly grim

Evil dark vampyre
With teeth burning white
Roaming the souls living
Each day and night
What guides you to be so evil
Was it will?
 Or was it might?

Hard Ball

The baseball guy
I hate him cause
One of his balls
Gave me a black eye

Yellow Orb

The sun rises and shines
The sun gleams in your eyes
With colors of red, orange, and gold
It begins with a fold on the horizon
And gives out surprises
Of nurture and growth


The melody
Legs swimming from the nature tree
Music surely
Life always needed
Never stopping
Once at all
Never doubting its voice to stall
When it will crawl
Not unlike the suns everyday fall
I forgive thee
For using me
Our everyday sorrows
A 'kin to the sea
Flying deep in the sky
Fingering the love in its eye
Will be satisfied
For now
This place is mine

Sorrowful Sea

Wonderful isn't me
Sorrow is a sea
Drowning me
Before the siege of happiness
So all that is left is distress
How could I get into this mess
I hope that this is not a test from above
If it is
I hope that it was sent by god's dove
With his gratititude and love
I worship him
He watches me
Everything that I do
He sees

Happiness Forever

Every time I see you
With my eager watchful eyes
Hoping that you notice me too
Because I only want that prize
I try not to beckon you
With my pounding throbbing heart
Every time I think you're looking my way
My lips seem to part
I'm not sure about
What my true feelings are
But I do know that right now
You are my only star
It doesn't really matter
If you do know or not
This feeling that I have
Does not ever want to ever stop
I can satisfy my curiosity
By looking at your eyes
I hope that for you
This world stays enticed
If I still can't have you
I will get over it soon
But I hope that the happiness that you give me
Stays with you too


Myself and I
Tis a good day to die
We gaze at the sky
And happily sigh
For that night
We'll take our own life
No need fro fright
We take this world for spite
Death is on tonight
Hopefully I'll try
Not to cry
Over my past plights


Destroyed is my soul
From loss of life
Decaying of my emotions
Everyday and night
Dead is the world
From everyday fright
Downhill everything now seems
Never gently down the stream
Inside they do scream
Themselves they deem
Delicious death now seems
Of course its only a dream


Your love will keep us going together
Our love will last forever
I love you more than you'll ever know
Our love will last through rain or snow

Ongoing Torment

The pain I feel
Every minute of the day
O how I wish
The pain would go away
The stress bares down on my crying heart
All I want right now
Is for the pain to stop
I need you
To sooth my lonely soul
To assure me
That I am you love
Because without you
This world is to much


The mountains are beckoning me again
This unquenchable yearning bringing emerald tears
To my eyes
My soul cries
For things forever lost
Solitude and peacefulness within
The mountains are beckoning me again

In M y Love

In my love
I share passionate colors
Distinct transactions
Between Heavens tranquility and Hells turmoil
Approving in my souls sunken depths
All that I feel
Screaming out in anguish
I cry
Tears of purple nights
Coming with turbulent storms
In my love
I share passionate colors
In my love
I die inside
Chocking chords
Developing empty pools within
Soft velvet mountains
Laughing outside
Without the pain
Disturbed melody seeping
Piecing my shattered mind
Holding the words
That I hold dear and tight
In my love
I survive the colorless night
In my love
I trust the murky winds
Flappy billfolds with tendrils of hope
Distinct in our merchants peddling
I offer my pearls freely
Seeking no gain, yet
Pulling me down
Another setback
With this
I awaken the dawn that spawns
In my love
My words go on


Destiny is defined
By the sorrow in thine eyes
 Don't be surprised
By what clearly shows in your mind
I understand your displaced sorrow
That renews every morrow
Inside, your gentle thoughts cower
Giving the things you say endless power
Knowing that you frequently wander
Seeking happiness, yet you ponder
Disdained and unhappy, you flounder
Towards the distant depths yonder
I know that which you can see
Trust your mishaps unto me
I hear your silent plea
I'll help your soul cast free
I know you ask for a release
Or for your life to suddenly cease
If those deathly thoughts increase
Then your mental enemies shall feast
Unhappiness is not deemed fated
Just something that is compensated
Naught for nothing that can be traded
Life is nothing except the hated

Inner Eyes

Our eyes see what we want to see
Distancing ourselves from the abnormal
Sticking to the regular
And acting the uppity monarchs
We erase our understanding
Our compassion
Crashing our sincerity
Head long disturbances
On the reliability of society

Behind Closed Eyes

Behind closed eyes
I see where the dragon flies
A place of purple snow
Where nothing but dandelions grow
Laughter inside the trees
Setting the unicorns free
This place of dreams
Behind sagging eyelids
I see


Turbulent storm
Twirling in the wind
Eating at the hearts of those denied
The will to live in lost ones gathered
`Ought we not poor men
For in our own kingdoms
Love, Emotion, Destiny, and Failure
These link our mortal bonds
Distinguished between buds of purpose
And the quills of souls death
Uncertainty laughing behind clouded yes
Answers brought forth
Cool waters
Distance the heart from thy vines
And loosen thy will from desperation
For we serve one another
Through the evolutions or reality
Hidden beneath our words
Success in the ever lasting forbidden
In emotions building afar
Across troubled waters
Trying in our smoky beginnings
To escape to unyielding flames


I look upon myself with an outward gaze
Thinking that finally
These are the last of meaningless days
I inwardly sigh
At distractions gone by
So many emotions lost and gone forever
No longer can I even cry
This facade of mine
Is barely even working
Because my heart is recoiling
Instead of purging
Nothing in life can lay my unhappiness to rest
So now my soul is held in deaths crest


Hunched shoulder
Soul clenched tight
Heart nothing but a rolling boulder
Fire in the night
Hysteria building inside her
Death broiling in the eyes
Love seemingly deferred
Unhappiness always there
Murder coming in sight
She doesn't even care
Keeping the cauldren bright
Hatred blacking the world
All the things that live
They might


I am here
But I am finally gone
Now at last
My life can carry on
I dread the day
For this not to end
The laughter
The love
All my childhood friends
The tears
The pain
All those stressful days
Our new lives starting over again

My Love

When I am lonely
All I seem to think about is you
Running through my mind all day
I haven't caught up with you until now
My heart belongs to you
A willing slave of love
There is no purpose in life for me
If you're not by my side
True happiness has never been experienced
Before now
Thank you for being there
When life was too cruel
Filling my void of loneliness
Bottled in my heart
With a cool essence
Not even the riches of the universe can compete
With love
Of the deepest variety
Nothing but grains of salt thrown in the wind
We are together
I pledged my eternal love
Safeguard it against
Forever and always
My love
Can I?

Can I be the butterfly in your eye?
Can I swim in your blue sky?
Can I drown in your love?
Can I bask in your sun?
Can I be what you want me to be?
Can I wallow in your sea?
Can I erupt in your solar motion?
Can I erupt your volcanic emotion?
Can I be all that you need?
And set both our hearts free?


What is it
When I see your warm understanding eyes
How your loving arms comfort me
Can you tell me how you learned of this compassion
Who did you love before me
Am I but a shadow in their presence
What is it

Wild Heart

There is a sanctuary
Where few have ever gone
It is a place of peace and happiness
Where evil will never spawn
Humans and animals alike
Awaken each day with the dawn
With nothing else on their minds
For peaceful life will go on
In this great place of fantasia
Pretty things are grown
Where everything is equal
And no one is left on their own
Love is found in nature
Not in superficial things
Pureness of mind simply founded
Singing through the breeze
Unicorns are always possible
Wooly mammoths and flying tigers too
No talk of the freezing cold of winter
Buds of spring shining through
Life is everlasting
Inside we know the truth
One day we'll reach this sanctuary
Yes truly this we'll do


Her mind twisted and warped
Her seedless thorns bringing black roses
Her darkness settling behind her glazed eyes
Her normality nothing but a front
Her madness has already coupled with her
Her sanity pregnant
Her ignorance only truth
Boldly following preceded events
She is tragedy to the earth
No more
Do I love her
Dead to me as her flaming tongue
She who murders all I love
Disaster as herself from the tools of man
She spits upon what she cant take
Finally free of any bonds
External release
From her
The lost one  


Amazing how slow life seems
Lettering myself go
Reserving my love for things of importance
I no longer care about ethics
There is only myself
Searching within my soul
With one
With me
For outside
Alive I now seem
Dead I am
Ready to be awakened
By poetical lust
Those closest to
Are farthest from my heart
There are others
Venturing towards the same pilgrimage
Release from wrought pain
Resistance towards societies boundaries
The people of the acrylic
Also expanding
The seas of the Victorian Era
Amazing how life now seams


I understand
Your insistent daily demand
I know you're urging
One day I will step over
Lives boundaries

Second Heart of Hearts

Liquid heart beat racing towards exploding
Eyes wide open but closed frozen smoldering
Uneasy in advances alone together
Trying to make that one lost commitment last forever
Indecisive in what the soul doth made
Us being pulled together by world and fate
Darkness unfolding from hesitant rejection
Itching fondness growing like a reddening infection
Only wishing to give moral protection
Dishing it out like deep sweet sections
Smiling intuitions that shows from thee
Erases the ability for me to speak
From what I said and what I see
Answer my tentative well-meaning plea
And no more of deceit
Worshipping the ground that kiss your feet
Others ways cant be kept as dead
Listening to the words of wisdom that your aura said
What said be done and well and good
For this I am will long be stood
Ye made from seeds of love
This is where the beginning comes from

Wealth of Life

Bright as night
Dark as day
Laughter hurting more everyday
Crying soothing in its happiness
Strength becoming a major weakness
Coldness making hearts melt
Vents from freezing lives
Death is life in itself
For sickness is happiness from wealth

Blue Blood

Red because its the color of the earth
Anger because its what it brings
Thickness because of blood that bonds
Families torn apart
No chance for healing
No scabs
Only scars
Scars so deep you cant see
No dripping but pulsating from wounds born
Veins clogged from sadness
Blue as the depth of cold oceans
No bottoms
Just endless stigmata
Striving upwards for air
Holds down the inevitable
Ever last from the birth of man
Waves of salt over our eyes
Rubbing alone disaster
Blind to nothing except for the bottom
Weighted by heavy hearts
Our final end
Blue blood
Tinged with half awakened death


Each day noticing no less
Not accepting social pleasure
Shunning everybody's advances
Crying slightly at the irony
Beckoning with my heart
From unlimited hurt
Pain caused by the cruelest of minds
Crushed decisions of the inevitable
Living of thought past determined
Angry at no one
Subtle towards death
Wishing for release


The tiger of my life
The tiger of my soul
The tiger of my warmth
The tiger of my thrown
Keeper of her kin
Protector of their life
Greatness of her strength
Livens every night
Great majesty protecting her own
Love of them hardens
Heavier than stone
Piercing eyes full of wisdom and love
The she tiger
Which all grew from


Unlike a song that you can't get out of your head
Soothing words repeating
Half pulled towards not wanting them to stop
Another agonizing over its invasion
Nearly everyday that same treasured tune
Seemingly to increase with every heartbeat
Practically unknown everywhere
Distant yet abroad
Floating amidst places not met
Stalking in dark, heart-shaped crevices


White feather coldness, drifting through the air
A blank cloudy stillness tangled in your hair
A blanket of winter freezing to the touch
Beautiful in its own way and never too much
Eyes barely open wind stinging cold
Dark clouds of rumbling to unfold
Theses thing that we wish for
They are about to be true
Barely reaching the troubled north
By crooning with the moon


Happiness turned tomorrow
Always seldom first as sorrow
Something everyone would like to borrow
Happiness sorrowful plight
The major thing of despise
Tears blossoming in a hundred eyes
Everyone hopes and reasonably tries
Laughter the gayest thing
Not to push for you to sing
Greatening to colorful wings
Sadness in continuous looks
The same feeling advertised in television and books
Something which we dare not hook
To you its casings gold
Everywhere this angel sold
All these things our souls do hold

Le Elements

Dark clouds gathering on the evening skies
Lightning bolts blossoming against the horizon
Nothing in the night save a rainy plight
Perspiration making its yearly sizing
A slow lazy fog entering every crevice
Proposing these nights when everything is hectic
Laughing in unearthly cries
Listening to nothing that man proposes
Gleeing itself to all but the invisible
Turning deadlier with its weapons
Lady Rain and Lord Snow
Of course there's no safe place to go
When death follows the lightning bolt
Tears shivering in their cold embrace
Freezing in time to their face
Oblivious to time or space
Fearfully cowering to their fate

Goodnight Prayer

Cynical that I am
I really appreciate thoughtlessness
I know that I am different from others
Mayhaps thinking to much
I was born to this world eyes and ears
Not one am I to cry
To accept, to learn about inability
Traveling a whole three
I know this madness
For't my control makes me stronger
Philosophers heart still skeptical at the shut
I only pity, never sorry
Not for myself
For society that changes with the seasons
The ones that have forgotten life
No longer food but four wheels
Churning ourselves, No more God
Two and three
None's the object of their affection
Coming all to soon
Wait, waiting, waited
Enjoy as it diminishes
Pitiful creatures till hands are work
Is there peace in the afterlife
I am not content
But still oddly satiated
By the thought of eternal slumber

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