Thorn Hints
    This is for all you poet people who can never seem to find the poetry contests that you want.  It seems to me that you are almost guaranteed to get published.  They (the anthology people) really need the money.  Every poetry contest that I have entered, from the Iliad Press to Sparrow grass Poetry Forum, I've been published.  Now why is that?  People say that I'm talents and all but...does that mean  I get published guaranteed?  I don't know.  Writing poetry shouldn't really guarantee that you'll be in that particular book though.  I should know.
     They'll send you a huge fancy letter congratulating you on being one of the top 100 poets and being able to win the GRAND PRIZE of being published and receive prize money  A rare thing indeed.  At least that's what they say.  I bought one of these so called Anthologies expecting to see at least one of my poems in it and WALLLA!!!!  It wasn't.  I wasn't really suppressed about that though.  It happened to me with Who's Who Among American High School Students.  I've been in that contest whatever you want to call it three times.  My grade point average wasn't even that good.  It was like a 3.3.  But hey, it's their ink right?  They needed the money.

    Here's something else, never enroll with the National Institute of Children's Literature.  They 'really' need the money.  They make you take this writing creativity test to see if you qualify.  Believe you me, if you can write your name, then you're eligible.  They'll then make you pay five hundred smackaroos.  That's for books that I could have written better and monthly assignments that someone really bored must have written during after hours..  The enrollment period is for about 16 months.  I owe them 200 and I'm not paying it.  I withdrew  from their little course because they only wanted the money and they were trying to get me to enroll again. SHEESH
I learned my lesson about that one too.

Don't ever sign any contracts either.  You've got to shop around.  Poets relatively get little money but some offers are way better than others.  Me for instance?  I earned over, I guess, a grand for maybe umm........sixty odd poems.  They all got published too.  I might be exaggerating a little but I do enter a lot of contests.  The best poetry forum to work with would have to be The International Library of Poetry.  They publish your poems on the web and in their yearly anthology.    

Well....I hope my constant rambling has given you some sort of useful information.  I just had to let some of this pent up agitation go.


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