Perfection Growth

Myself and I
Tis a good day to die
We gaze at the sky
And happily sigh
For that night
We'll take our own life
No need for fright
This world is taken for spite
Death is on tonight
Hopefully I'll try
Not to cry
Over my past plights

Destroyed is my soul
From loss of life
Decaying of my emotions
Everyday and night
Dead is the world
From everyday fright
Downhill everything seems
Never gently down the stream
Inside they scream
Themselves they do deem
Delicious death now seems
It is....only a dream

Never ending terror
Eyes twisted in fright
Butterflies in her stomach
Fists clenched tight
The roots on end
Turning powder white
Teeth bared
Nails sharp as claws
The poor woman
Found her husbands stanky draws

                                                           Devils Lullaby
Colliding terror is worse t'en anything
Shelter yourself against its misgivings
Beware you and take care
It'll devour everything
'Cept your precious hair
Wide mayhem will strike your heart
By either fear or teeth very sharp
I tell ye this with tender care
Now I'm molding underground
But soon I'll rise
I DO know how
Shelter your breast with solid silver crosses
Ern lock your doors at night
For at night
I'll slip into your house
And that would give you true fright
You'd better stay in evenings
And bolt your windows and your doors
Sprinkle garlic on your floors
Hold your children with all your might
Keep your soul and lock it tight

                                                                        Dead Deceased and Dug Up
Nothing unique about a bathtub
With its gleaming marble white
If you put a dead man in their
It would be out of sight
Maggots squirming inside his skull
Eating the rotting brains
The dead man wouldn't feel any
Searing pain
His hair was only in clumps
The ears were nothing but stumps
Once bulging biceps
Were shriveled up and dried
Nothing in his open sockets
Once baby blue eyes
His favorite food
Mothers chicken potpies
A once beating heart
And oxygen taking lungs
His once sexy smile
Was all gone and died
Is there still nothing unique about a bathtub
With its gleaming marble white?

Black gorged spiders building webs in our hearts
Multiplying even more by her rancid breath
Doing unto me as her womb barer her
A curse they are
Never shall I indulge in their
These endless moments
Dragging me closer
To salvation
Bonds, restraints broken in HIS haste to free me
Thank you to those who really cared
I deserve it not
But the fruit of my joys
Shall be yours
This place is different now
From the days of Romeo and Eve
We are corrupted
Snarling in distaste at our once animal forms
Spiders intrapping the butterfly
That which it is
I wait no longer

Evil, Dark Vampire
With teeth burning white
Roaming and owning the souls living
Each day and night
What guides you to be so evil?
Was it will, or was it might?

In what deep crevices
Does your evil heart lie?
Is it in hell, or does God leave it in the sky?
On what deathly whim
Do you aspire?

What clawed hoove
Or freakish golden eye?
Gave the will to you
To become a single master of the night
Does your evil heart
Lay at rest?
Moldering inside your undying breast?

What hatred?  What pain?
Did one poor soul make?
What hell did they sever
On this hateful change

Dying by the lights healing rays
Stopping the last of evils days
Not bowing to its unearthly whim
But banishing it to a dim
Doing only what he himself wishes
Human life is what he misses

Evil, Dark Vampire
With teeth burning white
Roaming and owning the souls living
Each day and night
What guides you to be so evil?
Was it will, or was it might?

Blue Blood

Red because it is the color of the earth
Anger because it is what it brings
Thickness because of blue blood that bonds
Familys torn apart no chance for healing
No scabs only scars
Scars so deep you cannot even see
Not dripping but pulsating from wounds born
Veins clogged from sadness
Blue as the depth of cold oceans
No bottoms
Just endless stigmata
Striving upwards for air
Held down by the inevitable
Everlast from the birth of man
Waves of salt over our eyes
Rubbing alone dissaster
Blind for nothing except for the bottom
Weighted by heavy hearts
Our final end
Blue Blood
Teinged with half-awakened death

The Unknown

The dark has dawned
IN the middle of the day
Our bloodshed runs
Forever enate
Death be told
By god below
Unknown to man
Lifespan not understood
Questions asked of Heavens good
Never knowing what they do
Festering sins
Simmered in a stew
Turning endless blue
No ones troubles known to you
Death be soon
Coming impending doom

Out Black

Striking out into the night
Fearing only Gods light
Sleeping during the day
At night things happen to go arrary
Vampires speak only of death
When they finsih with you
Not even your souls are left
Fangs flashing
Soaked with blood
Dont ever  take pride
That you were stolen from your sun

Sinister Evil

IT only takes a little nibble
Or a great big bite
Teeth covered with venom like spittle
Eyes black as night
Neck bending over
The jugular vein is reached
Human innocence is finnaly over
No need for a final speech
A vampire seduced you
While you were asleep in your bed
Its form was that of a green mist
Somehow it got into your head
The mind is invaded with erotic thoughts
The vampire has already fed
Not of your body
But of your mind and soul
You wake up thinking only of dreams
And look into the mirror and see
Two small pricks on your neck
Rapidly dissapearing
You scream and scream and scream and scream
Then you wake back up again


Crows with their beady eyes
Swooping down from the skys
With beaks open in haste
Pecking your eyes from your face
Blood spurting everywhere
But do you think the birds care

I want to thank Alfred Hitchock and Vincent Price for inspiring me to do these poems.  For some reason watching their movies turns on my weird writing parody sensor.  Don't worry. I also have the love poems too.  Those are the ones that really dominate my book.  Maybe I'll add them on one day.  Well...I guess this is that last thing that I have to say.  See ya!!!!!
                                                                                    That picture is some creepy sheesh isn't it?
            Copyright © 2000-2001 Crystal Hubbard