Lightning Lost

Your love will keep us going together
Our love will last forever
I love you more
Than you'll ever know
Our love will last through rain and snow

                                                            I Miss You
Through and through
My love for you
Blooms in dreams
To what it seems
Stop for me
I cross them
When I see you
On the other side
My dear
And only mine
I illegally cross them
For this
'Tis a crime
Only you
Can stop the hands of time
At the drop of a dime
These things
That you do
Makes nothing seem
All to soon
My dear
And only you
I sit through clouds of lonely nights
Thoughts filled with heat and ice
That you are no longer mine
I regretfully sigh
And give up 'till dawn
Once again my heart rapidly spawns
For my dear
And only one

The way things are
Between you and me
Is like a stream
Turning river deadly
Sometimes drying up
From your hateful stare
Seeing it
But trying not to care
Its been so long
Since I let myself cry
This is a weakness to you
I'd rather die
Why do you always let your heat deny
What is seen plainly in the sky
It used to be you and I
Now its I and every other denied
Trapped out of your life
What problems dare you strife
I try to understand
And hold no anger
But I still can't see through your manner
Inside your soul
I get too bold
I'll never leave you
But I guess this is now goodbye
For you only to look at me
With death in your eyes


You were always the star in my eye
Your inward beauty makes me sigh
For you
I would always die
Cherishing your love every nigh
Without you
Life is filled with fright
You bring me  to a whole new height
I damn myself when I make you cry
You are my soul-mate
The baseball guy
I hate him cause
One of his balls gave me a black eye


Sexy in my eyes
Compared to Burger King fries
You are my
Calvein Klein clothes
Better than tickle me elmo
Im just trying to let you know
That youre the only one i need
It was because of you
That my heart was finnaly freed

I love thee
Like a wave in the sea
Hard  to find
By your own entity
I'm glad
Others hold envy
Over us
Two hearts
That we entrust
To hold and unfold
Each truth that is told

Sneak a kiss here or there
Run your fingers through my hair
Put your lips on my face
So i can be oblivious to time or space
Heaven won't mind
The time wont end
My undying love for you
Will be my one and only sin

                             Copyright © 2000-2001 Crystal Hubbard