Official Transcript
                                 9th Grade Year  (no days absent)  3.33/3.50

Art I                 A/A                Spanish I          C /C          Pre-Algebra     B /B              
English I         A /A                Phy.  Science   B /A         AM Studies II   A  
                                              Short Stories A

                                  10th Grade Year   (no days absent)  2.33/2.67        

Algebra I  C/C                       Biology I B/A                    Spanish II 1SE  D/D
Honers English II  C+/C+     AM Studies B/B                B Comp  Appl  II  C
                                               Health/PE 2 Sem B

                                  11th Grade Year  (no days absent)  3.0/2.33

Anat & Physiol    B/B              Speech I  A/B                    Economics 2nd Sem  C
Geometry            C/D             World HIstory  B/B            English III   C/C
                                                  Intrctv Crs Rs  A

                                 12th Grade Year  (no days absent)  3.50/3.0

Stg Production  B/A            AP Enviromental Science  B+/B+  
Drivers Ed  1Sem   A         Gourmet Foods 1 Sem  A
Algebra II            C/D            English IV  A/A       World Geography 2 Sem  B

                                             Date Graduated  5/27/00
                                                      GPA  2.96
                                                          ACT 22
I warn the person looking at ths page that I didn't really give a horse plucky about grades while I was in high school.  I did the best that I could but if I didn't do ver well in a class( math)  my other A's would take care of it.  Sheesh   I hated math

                                           Clubs and Organizations

Eboney Society-  In this organization I served as an officer.  I helped organize charity events and served as a secretary of school-wide activities that involved the club in events such as Black History Month and the talent show.  

Science Club-  I served as an acting treasurer all throughout my high school career.  I helped to organize the club fundings, community involments,  and field trips.                                              

Spanish Club-  I helped as a member to expand the schools knowledge about the spanish cultures.

Stage Production-  I was one of the head stage managers in plays, school productions, and assemblys.  I also helped maintain the perfect symbience between the actors, the audience, and the stage crews.

PTSA-  I helped with the fundraising and the sponsored schoool dances.

Student Council-  I helped keep the school student body and its representitives an acting part in the school.

Key  Club-  I was one of the members who volunteered and the nursing homes and battered women shelters.

Prom Commitee- i helped organize the props and stuff every year in high school (money, lights, dj, etc)
                                          Rewards and Honors

Renaissance Academic Achievment Award
Oklahoma Honor Society
Oklahoma Academic Scholar
World Poetry Forum
Cader Publishing, Ltd.
Fall 1999 Iliad Literary Awards
(Grand Prize)  Poetry 2000*1626 N.Wilcox PMB126*Hollywood, CA 90028
Whos Who Among American High School Students  (3yrs.)
Long Ridge Writers Group  91 Long Ridge Road*West Redding, CT 06896-0801  (Bryan Judge)
Poetry.com (The International LIbrary of Poetry) 1 Poetry Plazaa* Owings Mills, MD 21117* 410-356-2000
Sherwood Broome, Inc.* Literary Agents* Ways End* HC 54,Box217* Nye, Montana 59061 (Mark Black)                    
Daydreams (Newest Iliad Press Anthology) 36923 Ryan Road, Suite 1 * Sterling Heights, MI 48310
America at the Millennium-The Best Poems and Poets of the20th Century Poetry.com
The Institue of Childrens Liteature  93 Long RIdge Road * West Redding, CT 06896 (Catherine A. Welsh)
Remley Literary Agency*P.O. Box 240*Oldsmar,Fl.34677-0240
Literary Works.com
Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum, 609 Main St.* Sisterville, WV 26175
Cameron University (4 scholarships)  2800 W. Gore Blvd. Lawton, Ok 73505-6377
American Poetry Anuual
Iliad Literary Awards Program
Treasured Poems of America  (Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum)
Merlyn's Pen
Remly Agency & Associates Christian Poetry Contest  (Sorrowful Sea)  Richard E.  McAdams
Alex Hanely Director (Poetry,com)
International Library of Poetry  (Howard Ely)
Iliad Press  (Sharon L. Derderian) Executive Anthology Editor
Power Writing Workshop  (Lillian K. Johnson)
Famous poets Society  
Pamela G. Kelly  (Long Ridge)
Carlton Press  

.....Most of the above is the agencys that are related to my short stories and poetry. Places like Sparrowgrass and Poetry.com hold my poems inside more than one of there anthologies.....The names followed after are my editors or the people that represent me....Of course these arent all of the literary things that I've ever done...just the one from the past two years....

                                                    Crystal Hubbard

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2410 N.W. 17th Street                                                 StarDuskMoon@hotmail.com                                         Lawton, Ok 73507                                                          http://members.tripod.com/starduskmoon////   
(580) 354-9893

OBJECTIVE: Seeking an entry level position in Multimedia Instructional Design.

1997-2000    High School Diploma received from                    Lawton Senior High School
                                                                              11th and Ferris
                                                          Lawton, Ok 73501
                                                          (581) 355-5170

2000-20..    Currently attending              Cameron University
                                        2800 W. Gore Blvd.
                                        Lawton, Ok 73501
                                        (580) 351-2200

Related Course Work
                                 Multimedia Production Techniques
                                             Introduction into Computer Information Systems
                                             Fundamentals of Multimedia Design
                                             Multimedia Instructional Design    
                                 Introduction into Multimedia Authoring

Computer Skills
                           Languages and Software
                                          HTML, Word, WordPerfect, Excel, PowerPoint, Spreadsheet,                                        Photoshop, Premiere, Database.       

                                         Operating  Systems
                                          Windows 95, Windows  98, Windows2000, Macintosh

                        Available upon request

                Copyright © 2000-2001 Crystal Hubbard