My life is a constant struggle between the limits of human endurance and the disturbances of uncertainity.

Life without creativity is defeat.

My words carry their own inner emotions through the colors that pulse through lifes motivations.

The words that is felt from ones heart, blossoms the soul of the unawaked."

Silent colors swirl to unite a parady of honarable strengths, further heightning wisdom and defeat in the face of unatural darkness.

The darker the spirit, the lonlier the soul.

The reason why creative emotions flow is because the heart is torn beyond normalicy.

Lying does not become you, you become the liar.

My heart weakens with every summer rain, and grows stronger with ever winter storm.

Everyone deserves the peace of mind, demands happiness, relishes love.  That is the human nature.

The fear of the unknown is born in the soul.

Why try and reason with the living if life holds no meaning?

The essence of life develops from the whispers of dreams.

True love cleanses the wrongs of a lifetime, gaining a barrier strengthened by happiness and trust.


                                                                           Copyright © 2000-2001 Crystal Hubbard