Joseph Hanks
                        Joseph Hanks
It was the way I wanted, but only in a dream
the way you made me feel, so much more than it did seem

with each touch of your hand, each word that you would say
my heart reached out to yours, instead you met me half way

I was afraid, as I am, of only true things
afraid only to lose, what our senses did bring

Every time that you touched me, the words we endeavored
gave us tingling inside, brought us closer together
Time flew by quickly, it went by so fast
I hate that it ended, that last slow dance

I rushed home hoping, that you would be there
my prayers were answered as I sat in my chair

we talked for hours, wanting never to let go
I dreaded the moment and couldn't let go

you answered every question as only you could
so perfect in tune, every thought understood

I want you so badly, I still feel you inside
its all so real and true,  each time I close my eyes

until our hearts meet, mine will be on the mend
its all in your hands........from beginning to end