David Schirmer
David Schirmer
To My Tormenter

Soul of my soul, why must I languish
Meet your death through your disdain
From this dager, from this anguish
Let me know relief again
Rather kill some worthy foe
Than me, whose crime is love to show

Do not let me lifeless lie
Until my wretched life is through
You can my lost strength supply
You, beloved  beauty, you
That I, free from all loss and pain
Shall know the fullest joy again

The green feet of the fragrant woods
Your fair reflected virtue hold
The purest rivers silver floods
Run for your sake only gold
All nature waits your form to see
Alas, when will you comfort me

Come and go, cool lovely day
Come, night when all the roses blow
O that my arms might have a way
To hold the cause of all my woe
Come, La Bella, jewel so rare
With yuou life and death you bear